About Us

Assotech Resources was founded in the year 2010. We specialized in the trade of Mechanical, Electronic & Electrical, Pneumatic, and air tools products. We are sourcing houses worldwide namely America, Europe, and any Asia-Pacific region. Apart from this, we also provide direct sales to our customers throughout the whole of Malaysia.

We have a team of experienced staff, inspecting every product we sent out to ensure that the product we provide is in the perfect quality. Assotech Resources strictly do not tolerate any deficiency in our product. We champion the right of our customers to receive a product in the best condition they deserve.

We promise to always provide you with professional advice and solution that fulfill all your needs. We believe that incessantly providing the best service for our customers with our hearts and soul is our pride and responsibility. Thus, at Assotech Resources, we adhere to strive for the greatest benefits for our customers and provide the best service for our beloved clients.